The Belief & Belonging Festival is an annual event in Waco, Texas, through a partnership between Dr. Kristen Donnelly of Abbey Research and Sharyl West Loeung of Kardia House. Together, they have been dreaming of a space where people can gather to listen and share stories that will challenge and inspire us to be more generous with our communication and show more empathy with our actions.

As seasoned public speakers, they have experienced the transformative power of preparing, practicing, and presenting an idea that has deeply personal meaning. Similarly, to hear other people’s ideas, stories, and experiences and then discuss with the people around you how you see the world is not only a gift, but it is how we begin to affect change in our world. The purpose of the Belief & Belonging Festival is to consider the things we believe or once believed and how those things have shaped our sense of belonging.

You will hear from both local and national speakers and performers, from students to executives. Our 2022 speakers and performers were incredible. Information about 2023’s event will be coming next year.

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